Nov 29, 2009

TRADE TACTICS Bill Williams, stock chaos

Bill Williams developed a precise business tactics based on the "chaos theory", which aims to overcome subjectivism in investment decisions, which in turn creates psychological tension due to the expectations of market development.
In their everyday business practice retailers are confronted with the following psychological problems:
A) Is it possible to get both pleasure and profit?
B) How to preserve domestic harmony, and his own relatives, is at constant promenyashtana market situation?
C) How to overcome the constant nervous tension?
D) Why do most traders lose money consistently?
D) Why do all analysts praise for his achievements, but when the dealer starts to deal effectively on their recommendations, he loses money? 

Nov 26, 2009

Next buy signal for DJIA

Nov 16, 2009

Buy signal

Nov 12, 2009

The next target of DJIA

 The next buy signal at 10339

Wall Street Faces ‘Live Ammo’ as Congress Aims to Unravel Banks

Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Seven Wall Street lobbyists trooped to Capitol Hill on Nov. 9, hoping to convince Representative Paul Kanjorski’s staff that his plan to dismantle large financial firms was a bad idea.

They walked out with a sobering conclusion, according to the accounts of two attendees who requested anonymity because the meeting was private. Not only was Kanjorski serious, he planned to offer the legislation as early as next week -- and it just might pass.

Today marks a decade to the day that President Bill Clinton signed the repeal of the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act that split investment-banking from lending and deposit-taking. The repeal allowed the creation of Citigroup Inc., the financial colossus now propped up by $45 billion in taxpayer rescue funds. Financial firms are scrambling to prevent Congress from re- imposing the act.

“We’re playing with live ammo,” said Sam Geduldig, a lobbyist at Clark Lytle & Geduldig who represents financial- services firms and wasn’t at the Nov. 9 meeting. “The banking community is rightfully concerned.”

The Financial Services Forum, which represents chief executive officers of 18 of the largest financial firms and whose lobbyists organized the visit to Kanjorski’s office, has scheduled or met about a dozen lawmakers or aides with the House Financial Services Committee in the last week. The U.S. needs big financial firms to compete globally, said Rob Nichols, the group’s president.(Read more...)

Nov 10, 2009

Dow Industrials Reach 2009 High

The Dow Jones Industrial Average leapt to a new 13-month high Monday as investors grew more optimistic about the continued flow of easy money to support economic recovery. The Dow climbed 203.52 points, or 2%, to end at 10226.94 -- its highest finish since Oct. 3, 2008 and the second 200-point gain in three trading days. The blue-chip measure has risen 4.7% over the four-day winning streak that began with the Federal Reserve's policy statement last Wednesday, which quelled fears that the central bank might raise rates soon. Gold rose to a new record, oil futures snapped two days of losses and the dollar fell.
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